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Reads Racing Staff

Meet the Reads Racing Staff! Reads Racing is a family ran business! Joyce and Larry founded Reads Racing in 1982.
Larry passed away in 2006 and Joyce in 2007. As a family business, everyone at the track always asks “where do you fit in”. Here you can meet the staff and see where everyone fits in!
Larry & Joyce Read
Reads Racing Unlimited Inc.
Carol Klinger Mike Klinger
Mikey Klinger     Larry Klinger     Dian Manns     Sandy Klinger     Gary Klinger
Sharon Klinger     Elizabeth Klinger     Wes Manns            
Madison           Ian            
Levi           Abigail            

Deb Eddy Scott Eddy
  Cathy Eddy Weller     Lori Hastings  
  Jenna     Shane Hastings  
  David     Lex  

Steve Read Kelly Read

  Doug Read   DJ Read  
  SJ Read      
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Reads Racing Unlimited, Inc.
13253 East State Road 114
Akron, Indiana 46910
(574) 893-1649