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Riders Meeting
At each event our officials go through a Riders Meeting. Below is the information that is given. You should look over this information and if you have any questions please check with an event official.
Green Flag – Continue Racing.
White Flag – The white flag means there is only 1 lap left in the moto. The white flag is courtesy Flag. If you are a lap down you may not see the white flag.
Checkered Flag – The checkered flag means the race is over. You should exit the track at the designated exit point. Always race until you see the checkered flag. REMEMBER – Our flagman are only human. If you see the white flag twice – Continue racing.
Yellow Flag – The yellow flag means there is a problem on the race course ahead. There is NO PASSING and NO JUMPING on the yellow flag. If you disregard the yellow flag, you will face disciplinary action. Disciplinary actions will range from being docked 1 position, 1 lap or disqualification from the moto depending on the severity of the situation. The disciplinary action is determined at the discretion of the referee. It is important that you follow any directions being given to you by track personnel. If they are pointing you to the right side of the raceway, you need to move to that side and continue with caution.
Red Flag – Red Flag means there is a problem somewhere on the race course. If the red flag is displayed at any point on the race course you should stop racing immediately and return to the next safe exit point on the track. You should then return to the starting line and they will give you further instructions.
Black Flag – The black flag is used to remove a specific rider from the race course. If you are given a Black flag at any point you must stop racing immediately and proceed to the next safe exit point. You should report to registration where they will put you into contact with the referee.
Starting Procedure
Your starting pick for the first set of motos is determined in random order by Trackside. Your starting pick for the second set of motos is determined by your finish in the first set of motos. Make sure to check your finishes as the starter cannot change your finish if you feel an error has been made.
When moto one is on the track, moto two will be being called up to the line (and so on and so forth). It is important that you arrive to the gate 1 moto prior to yours. They will not wait for you. If you are not there when they start calling you up, you will miss your gate pick.
When the starter receives the go ahead he will point down through the line to each rider. If you have a problem, get your hand up. You will be given 2 minutes to fix the problem.
Important information:
You must compete on the same machine in the first and second set of motos.
You must have numbers on your machine. Numbers must be placed on a contrasting background color. Black numbers may not be used on a dark blue background. Yellow numbers may not be used on a white background.
ATV's you need a number plate on the front and rear of your machine. Numbers on your fenders are not visible to scorekeepers.
Parents of minors must remain at the track. You may not sign your minor child up to ride and then leave.
It is a riders responsibility to sign up in an eligible class. If you have questions on which classes you are eligible for ask at registration.
If you have questions throughout the day stop at registration. If they do not have the answer, they will find it for you.
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