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AMA Membership
You may purchase an annual AMA membership ion raceday's for $49.00 or online at www.amaracing.com. An AMA membership is required at all AMA events.
AMA Requirements for Minor Participants
If a minor rider plans to attend an event and both of their parents are not going to be attending whether they are divorced or still married, you must bring a Notarized Authorization Form from the parent who will not be attending the event. This letter must state the parent who is not coming knows and approves that the minor rider is participating at a motocross event (list date and location), and that the parent that is present is able to make all decisions regarding any medical treatment the minor may need. This is an absolute requirement. No Exceptions! No one will be allowed to sign for a minor without a notarized note if they are not there legal parents. Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Brothers and Sisters are not authorized to sign without a notarized note from both parents. Family does not mean guardian!
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