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2021 Frequently Asked Questions
Question 1.
What equipment do I need to get started?
The following gear is mandatory:
a. Helmet
b. Goggles
c. Over the ankle boots
d. Pants (no shorts)
e. Long sleeved shirt
f. All ATV’s must have nerf bars
g. All ATV’s must have Tether Cord
The following equipment is strongly recommended:
a. Gloves
b. Chest (roost) Protector
c. Pads (knee, hip, etc.)
Question 2.
What memberships do I need?

No memberships are required at NON-AMA Events.  Events listed under the schedule as "AMA Sanctioned" Require an AMA Membership. AMA Memberships are available online at www.amaracing.com or you may sign up on the day of the event.

Reads Racing Unlimited Inc offers a discount membership called a "Reads Membership".

Question 3.
What is a Reads Racing Membership?
A Reads Racing Membership is a Discount Membership. It is not a club. If you earn an award in the Summer Series and hold a current Reads Membership, you will receive a Reads Racing Hoodie in addition to your award (1 Hoodie per person). Reads Members are not guaranteed a hoodie, they must meet the requirements of the Summer Series to win an award.

What Discounts do I receive?

Reads Members receive $5 off their entry fee on race days and open Practice days at Hangtime MX Park and Trojan Raceway.
Question 4.
How do I qualify for an award at The Reads Racing Year End Awards Banquet?
At Reads Racing we run several Series. Please visit the menu at the top and click on the specific series you are interested in. The details and requirements will be available on each series page.
Question 5.
How do I know what class to ride in?
To decide what class to ride in visit the menu at the top and click on “Reads Racing Classes”. If you still have questions after viewing the listing please call or e-mail us.
Question 6.
What does a Minor Rider need to compete?
Answer: "Click here for all the info and forms you need"


Question 7.
Can I bring a Pit Vehicle?

Yes, But we are always watching the Pit Vehicle situation. Pit Vehicles are to be used as transportation to and from the starting gate, or to and from Registration/Concessions. Pit Vehicles are a privelege and not a right. We reserve the right to shut down all pit vehicles at anytime. By using a pit vehicle you are subject to confiscation of pit vehicle if you miss use the privelege. There is no riding on any trails at any Reads Racing Facility. At Hangtime MX Park there is the original track behind the lower pit area. If you are caught on this track at any time your entire party may be ejected from the park with no refund.

Parents Pay Attention - This means if your daughter/Son is caught on the trails or on the back track at Hangtime, you can loose all of the money you have paid and be asked to leave because you didn't supervise your child! You are responsible for the actions of all minors you bring with you! Pit transportation is to be idle speed at all times!
Question 8.
What if I get Injured?
Every rider is responsible for their own Medical Coverage. If you would for example, break your arm, you are responsible for all costs you would incur. If you are injured we have Ambulance service at all events. Remember, unless our Ambulance transports you, you are not charged for treatment at the track. If an EMT/Paramedic examines you and (for example) bandages a cut, they do not bill you. Keep in mind our EMT's are there for a reason. Please do not interfere if your rider is injured the, EMT's are there to help, If there is a problem our track personnel will get you immediately.
Question 9.
Are pets welcome?

Pets are welcome, however must be kept on a leash or Tie out at all times - even within your pit area! Sorry - Electronic collars are not an acceptable substitute.  Leashes are a requirement.

Remember - This is for the safety of your dog, as well as all other dogs. PLEASE - If you have a dog that you know to be aggressive - keep in mind - you can be held responsible for the actions of your dog.  The track can be a stressful place for some dogs. The loud noises may cause anxiety and/or aggressiveness. You know your pet best. Please be mindful of the specific needs and temperament of your own pet, and take proper precautionary measures.
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(574) 893-1649