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Costs and Fees
Open Ride Costs
Spectators - $5.00
Rider – $25.00
Reads Member Rider - $20.00
Racing Costs
$8.00 per person, per day to enter the racetrack
$25.00 per class to race
$20.00 per class with Reads Membership

Camping Costs

We do not charge a separate fee for camping. In order to camp at the track the only requirement is you MUST have purchased a gate pass for the following day.
For example – If you arrive on Saturday and only purchase entry for Saturday you would not be permitted to camp. If you would like to camp, but are not planning to stay for Sunday you must purchase a Sunday band. You can receive a refund for your Sunday entry fee if you exit the facility NO LATER THAN 8:00am. After 8:00am, no refunds for that day will be given.
*If you are camping and the following day is a Grand Prix, the exit time would be 7:00am due to the earlier start time.
If you arrive on a day where there is an event scheduled, but are not planning to participate in that days events and are only coming to camp for the following day, you are still required to pay the gate fee for the day of arrival UNLESS that days events are over.
For example – If we are having an open ride on a Friday, and you are only wanting to camp for Saturdays events, you would need to arrive at or after the scheduled end time for that event, or pay the gate fee for Friday's Event.
If you purchase a multi-day event pass, and need to leave earlier than expected you are permitted to receive a refund for any additional days left on your pass.
For example – If you arrive on Saturday and purchase a Saturday/Sunday armband, but your bike breaks during Saturday's events and you decide to leave. You can stop at the entrance gate on your way out of the facility, they will remove your armbands and refund your fees for SUNDAY.


There are no refunds on gate fees for the CURRENT DAY if you decide to leave. If you arrive on Saturday and purchase a Saturday only pass but decide to leave early there is no refund.
Reads Racing Membership
Reads Racing Membership $40.00 per year. Optional Discount Membership.
AMA Membership
AMA Membership 1-800-AMA-JOIN or visit them online at www.americanmotorcyclist.com/For-Members/Join-The-AMA
Concessions are available at the track. Prices and Menu may vary.
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Reads Racing Unlimited, Inc.
13253 East State Road 114
Akron, Indiana 46910

(574) 893-1649