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2021 Minor Information
Below is all of the information you need to know about registering your minor rider to participate in an open ride or competition event. Yes, it is a lot of info! YES, you really need to read it all to be prepared! The link to the forms is at the bottom of this info.
Let's start out by defining a few terms
Parent – Anytime we refer to a “parent” we mean a biological parent. Step-parents are an integral part of family units and we are not diminishing their role. However, it is the biological parents signatures that we need. Step-parents should not misrepresent themselves and attempt to sign a rider in by presenting themselves as a biological parent.
Legal Guardian – When we say a “Legal Guardian” we mean an adult who has LEGAL guardianship over a minor through the court system. You need to attend the event with your guardianship papers, and bring them to registration for verification if they are requested.
Minor Release Form - This is the form labeled “Parental Consent, Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity Agreement”. At the track it is commonly referred to as a “Minor Release Form”. This is a 2 page/sided form that is a release waiver of liability. It requires the signatures of BOTH parents and the minor rider.
Now let's start answering your questions! These are our most commonly answered questions. If you still need answers feel free to contact us. Our office is open Monday through Friday 8:00am to 3:00pm, (574) 893-1649. If we have an event on a Monday or Friday our office is closed. Our email is reads1@myfrontiermail.com. We do not check emails on event days. If you have questions make sure you get answers PRIOR to the weekend.
Question: Do we need to fill out a Minor Release Form at each event?
Answer: Once filled out properly you only need 1 per calendar year!
**Note: This does not mean the minor can attend without a parent. It just means you don't have to fill it out each time**
Question: Do both parents have to sign the Minor Release Form for a minor child to participate.
Answer: Yes
Question: In a divorced parenting situation where one parent has SOLE LEGAL CUSTODY can that parent only sign the minor form?
Answer: Yes
Question: How do I correctly fill out the minor form?
Answer: We have filled out a Minor Release form as an example for you. (Click here to view)
Question: What if only one parent is attending with the minor?
1. 1. Print the minor form.
2. 2. Have the parent who will not be attending fill out page 1 of the minor form and have it notarized. (Both parents can fill out the same sheet and have it notarized if they would like). The parent who will be present can fill out a form at the track and the Event staff will witness.
  *Note – Remember you only need to do this once per calendar year
Question: What if neither parent can attend with the minor?
1. Print the minor form. (If you already have a Minor Release turned in, you may skip to number 3.)
2. Have both parents fill out a minor form. (It is acceptable for both parents to use the same form or complete seperate forms.)
3. Print the Parental Permission letter.
4. Fill in the blanks with your information.
5. Have it notarized. (You must send this letter any time one parent/legal guardian will not be attending with the minor child. You CANNOT keep one on file for the calendar year).
Click here for filled in Minor Release Form Example in .PDF file format.
Click here for official minor release form - “Minor Release Form” in .PDF file format. MUST BE PRINTED IN COLOR TO BE VALID.

Click here for “Parental Permission Letter

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