Parental Permission Form Instructions
1. Completely fill out the authorization letter.
2. You may include multiple dates ONLY if they are CONSECUTIVE days within the same weekend. For example – You MAY include April 5, 6 & 7, but NOT April 6 and April 13.
3. You may include multiple children, IF all Minors share the same LEGAL GUARDIAN(S).
4. Do you need one of these letters if you are sending your children with Grandparents, aunts, uncles, or their adult brother/sister – YES, if one of their Parents or LEGAL GUARDIANS, are not present you MUST SEND WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION. NO EXCEPTIONS.
5. LEGAL GUARDIANs – If you are not the parent, BUT are their legal guardian, please bring a copy of the guardianship papers. It does not have to be the original. Why? Because anyone can say they are a legal guardian. If requested, you need to be able to show you actually have the legal right to sign in the minor rider in question.
6. Can I write my own letter? Yes, you may write your own hand written or printed letter. It must contain the same information as this letter.
7. You must put person/persons over the age of 18 years old in charge of signing and making decisions on your behalf. This letter DOES NOT allow the minor to come by themselves. This person(s), must REMAIN at the track during any period which the minor will be competing, practicing, riding, racing etc.
8. MOST IMPORTANTLY – THE LETTER MUST BE NOTARIZED! IF IT IS NOT NOTARIZED, IT IS NOT VALID. You can obtain a notary at some local Banks, Post offices, Law offices, UPS Stores, Tax/Accounting firms. A google search can be extremely useful in locating a Notary near you.
9. Make sure person/s you have placed in charge of your minor child have at least the following important information:
A. Your contact information. Do NOT rely on the Minor child to be able to provide your contact info. If they are injured and we need to reach you, we need to be able to do so in a timely manner.
B. Allergies or medical conditions. The person you put in charge should be aware of any allergies, food or medication that affects your minor child. This is extremely important! Remember, if you are, for example, sending your17 year old with an 18 year old friend, it is likely they will not know your Child’s relevant medical history off hand. It is important that you communicate any important medical information to this person, so they can relay it to medical personnel if necessary!
State Of _________________________ )
  ) SS:
County Of________________________ )
Before me, the undersigned notary public, this day, personally, appeared_________________________ to me known,
who being duly sworn according to law, deposes the following:
I/we, _______________________ and_________________________, give permission for our
Minor child, ___________________________, to practice, race & participate in any form in the Reads
Racing Events held at (Track Name) _________________________________, on
(Event Date)__________________________.
I/We give permission for (Name of designated Adult) _______________________________ to sign any papers allowing
__________________________ to participate in the above mentioned events.
In the event of injury, (Name of designated Adult) _____________________________ has our permission to make any
medical decisions on my/our behalf.
I/We understand Motorsports are inherently dangerous and can results in serious injury and/or death.
I/We understand no medical coverage is provided by Reads Racing Unlimited Inc. I/We understand we have given
permission for one or more person(s) to make decisions (Medical and otherwise) for our Minor child on our behalf.
Mother Signature (Legal Guardian) Father Signature (Legal Guardian)
Date: ______________ Date:_______________
Subscribed and sworn to before me this___________________ day of ____________________, 20______.
Notary Public
My Commission Expires: _________________________________________