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2017 Reads Racing Unlimited
Trojan Track Mud Bogs
2768 State Road 13 North
Pierceton, IN 46562
Event Dates
June 10, 2017
August 5, 2017
100 % Payout in each class, paid out to top 3 drivers.
Top 5 drivers in each class receive awards.
Contact information:
For general event information or registration questions call (574) 893-1649, ask for Lori, 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. You can also email to reads1@myfrontiermail.com.
For Tech questions call Chet at (574) 536-9594.
Age Requirements
  • Drivers must be at least 15 years of age.
  • Anyone who is under the age of 18 must have BOTH parents present to register them. IF one or both parents cannot attend the minor must have the Medical Release form filled out and NOTARIZED. (see printable “Minor Release and Medical Release Form”). For questions on this rule please call (574) 893-1649 or email to reads1@myfrontiermail.com.
  • Anyone operating an ATV or UTV must be at least 18 years of age. Any pit vehicles are to be used as transportation to and from areas in a respectful manner at slow speed. No pit racing, trail riding, etc. Any motorized vehicle must be operated in a respectful manner. This is a zero tolerance rule.
General Event Rules
  • All dogs must be kept in pit area, on a leash. No dogs allowed in spectator area.
  • No 3 Wheelers allowed on property.
  • Running order will be determined by random draw at Tech Inspection.
  • All classes will run reverse order of the first run, for their second pass.
  • Fastest single pass beats distance. Distance will be determined by both runs added together.
  • Each vehicle can only place once for a trophy or payback in each class regardless of driver.
  • When it is your turn, if you have a mechanical problem you will be put on a 3 minute hold. If you are not ready at the end of the 3 minutes, you will lose that run. You can get tools and fix it on track; your vehicle may not leave the infield until the class is over.
  • If your vehicle is broken, or you have a medical condition, you must notify track officials before the start of the class you have entered, to receive a refund. No refunds once class has started.
  • Tech closes when first class begins.
  • All vehicles will compete in forward motion.
  • In the event of disqualification of a vehicle NO REFUNDS will be permitted.
  • No ALCOHOL in the tech or competition area.
  • No Drinking and Driving.
  • Tech and race management have the right to re-tech any vehicle. Any refusal will result in automatic disqualification.
  • Tech Management has final judgement on any vehicle class. Show/Track Management has final judgement over all racing decisions. All decisions are final.
  • Each driver must wear a safety approved helmet, No open foot wear will be allowed in the competition area.
  • Eye protection (I.E.) face shield, goggles, safety glasses are required for all vehicles without a full windshield.
  • All vehicles are recommended to have a fire extinguisher securely mounted within the drivers reach when fastened in.
Vehicle Requirements
  • Must have a working neutral safety switch.
  • All vehicles must have rigid rear hitching point.
  • All open top vehicles must have a roll cage and minimum of shoulder belt.
  • No engine, transmission cooling lines, fuel lines, fuel tank or fuel cell, will be allowed to be ran inside the drivers compartment, unless the fuel tank is originally located in the cab.
  • All fuel tanks must have adequate latching gas caps.
  • Fuel pumps must be mounted outside the driver’s compartment.
  • Each battery must be secured and tight with a metal or factory mount. If the battery has been relocated inside the vehicle it must be secured and shielded from the driver. A marine type battery case is highly recommended.
  • You must present all safety equipment at Tech Inspection in order to pass.
  • NO HIGHSPEED DRIVING OR HOT-DOGGIN WILL BE TOLERATED ANYWHERE ON THE PROPERTY. This is a zero tolerance rule. No warning is necessary. Violation of this rule is grounds for eviction and possible suspension with no refund of fees paid.
  • Production system must be in good condition and fully operational.
Class 1 – Street Stock Class
  • Stock engine / No engine swaps outside of vehicle family/ No Nitrous or power adders.
  • Maximum of 36” measured tire height / D.O.T tires.
  • Stock style suspension to the chasses / Lift Kits allowed.
  • Full Stock body / full interior – no gutting for weight loss.
  • Exhaust with muffler required. Mild intake, carb & header upgrades allowed.
Class 2 – Super Stock Class
  • Engine swaps allowed, performance upgrades allowed. No nitrous or other power adders.
  • No aluminum heads unless factory to that vehicle & engine.
  • 39.5 & under dot tires. Exhaust must extend past driver seat or have mufflers.
  • Stock appearing body / moderate gutting.
  • Full dash (custom or stock), No firewall mods for weight transfer, no sheet metal cutting for weight loss on cab or front end. Radiator in stock location for chassis.
  • Stock style suspension to the chassis or leaf springs.
  • Full factory frame / Factory style drivetrain with engine in factory location of chassis.
Class 3 – Modified Class
  • Same rules as class 2 besides the following.
  • Up to 44” DOT tires.
  • Radiator can be relocated.
  • Open headers allowed.
Class 4 – Super Modified Class
  • Gutting allowed, must retain basic steel cab or tub. Fiberglass replacement type parts allowed.
  • No Nitrous or power adders. 44” and under DOT Tires.
  • Any factory style drivetrain / suspension is allowed. No coil overs used in place of stock springs.
  • 4 link must be coil spring with separate conventional shock.
  • Full factory frame of any make. Max of 12” from center of axle to #1 spark plug.
Class 5 – Open / Unlimited class
  • Cut Tires, skin bodies, power adders, chain drives & custom suspensions allowed.
Class 6 - Mega Truck Class
  • Must be 5 or more entries or will be combined with Class 5.
  • Military, Industrial or 2.5 ton & larger axles.
  • Ag/V – Tread tires only.
Class 7 – UTV Class
  • Must be Minimum of 18 years of age.
  • Roll Bar Required.
  • Working Seat Belt.
All Rules Subject to Tech discretion.
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Reads Racing Unlimited, Inc.
13253 East State Road 114
Akron, Indiana 46910

1-(574) 893-1649