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Reads Racing's 2020 Motocross Race and Practice Schedule Posted
March 29, 2020 - Trojan Raceway Open Practice - Canceled
April 4, 2020 - Trojan Raceway - Both Racing Events Canceled
April 5, 2020 - Trojan Raceway - Racing Canceled
At Reads Racing, we are a family ran business. When we say we care about your family, we do. Our Mission is to provide you and your family a safe place to ride, play and have fun together. The thought of even one of our families suffering a loss because we ignored advice and remained open is just not a risk we are willing to take. We could write you a really long explanation of all the things we have discussed and why we have cancelled this event, but that's what it really comes down to.  Additionally, those of you who understand and agree with our decision most likely wouldn't be in attendance regardless, and those who disagree with our decision, there is nothing we are going to say that is going to change your mind.
We do have hope for the April 18/19 Event at Hangtime MX Park. We don't know when this will all be over. As we have said before, we are taking it one event at a time. Once things get rolling, we will be going back to our schedule and will be looking for dates to add.
We acknowledge that these are outdoor events. We understand there will be facilities who remain open. We all have to make our own choices about risk.  Sometimes our choices have unforeseen consequences. Which is why we want to point out 2 things.
1. You can have no symptoms and infect other people. Your friends can have no symptoms and infect you. Yes, this is the case even when you are outdoors.
2. Motorsports are inherently dangerous. As racers we live with this risk. Right now that risk should be assessed more than ever. Most hospitals have enacted limiting visitors to 1 person.  In higher effected areas it is no visitors.  Any serious injury you receive is going to be extra stressful for you and your loved ones because of this. Additionally, just being at the hospital puts you and your family at heightened risk. We live at Hangtime MX Park and our own kids are not allowed to ride for this reason. Carefully consider the risks. Be safe!

We will continue to keep you updated anytime we have new information. We look forward to the start of the season and yes, it will start! We all just have to be a little more patient than normal.

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Cellular Data Service at Trojan Raceway
Cellular Data Service at Trojan Raceway is not available at times making Credit Card processing difficult or unavailable. PLEASE BRING CASH.
Reads Racing's Parental Authorization Document for print
Minor Authorization form for parents who will be sending their Minor Rider with another Authorized Adult. "Click Here"
Reads Racing's Rider's of the Week
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Call Before You Haul
On Race Days when weather could factor starting times or cancellations use these phone numbers below:
Trojan Raceway - (574) 527-0828
Hangtime MX Park - (574) 893-1649
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** Pet Owners Please take note **

Dogs are always welcome!  For the safety of your dog and other patrons please follow these rules for the weekend.
1. If your dog is tied out in your pit area it must be on a leash no longer than 8 feet.  
2. No dogs in kiddie land.
3. No dogs at Registration/concession area.
4. Please do NOT leave your pet in a car/truck where they will become overheated.
5. REMEMBER - You know your pet best.  At times the noise of the races, or heat, or crowds can make an animal feel anxious, uncomfortable, or irritable.  If you have a dog that has a history of being aggressive it is best for the animal to be left with a trusted friend or family member for the weekend.
Important Notice to Parents with Minor Children Participating
For those of you with minor children please read through these rules.  These rules are not a change, we just want to make sure everyone is aware of the requirements.
  • A PARENT must be present.  You must sign the releases allowing your child to participate.
  • Grandparents, Brothers, sisters, Aunts, Uncles, etc. DO NOT QUALIFY TO SIGN THESE PAPERS IN YOUR PLACE.  Even if you are onsite, the grandparents are not allowed to sign in your place.
  • In order for anyone but a parent to sign a minor in to ride, the parent must send a NOTARIZED LETTER authorizing another ADULT to sign the rider in and to make medical decisions on there behalf.  THE LETTER MUST BE NOTARIZED.  **Keep in Mind - Motorsports are inherently dangerous.  If you are sending your child with another person, it should be a person YOU are familiar with.  IF your child is injured this is the person who will be making decisions about YOUR CHILDS MEDICAL CARE.
  • YOU CANNOT SIGN THE PAPERS AND THEN LEAVE THE PREMISES.  You must remain onsite while your child is competing.  If you are not going to be staying you must provide a notarized letter, designating another adult to make decisions on your behalf to registration.  If you leave without providing the proper authorization to registration, the rider will not be allowed ride.


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AMA Membership is required at ALL AMA EVENTS. Need to renew or join? Simply follow this link for quick and easy sign up, http://www.amajoin.com/REARAC. You can also sign up at the track!  Already a member? Please make sure to bring your card to sign up with you on AMA Sanctioned days, and include it on your entry form!

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