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2021 Racing Classes have been posted.
Important Notice to Parents with Minor Children Participating Pet Owners Please take note
For those of you with minor children please read through these rules. Dogs are always welcome! For the safety of your dog and other patrons please follow these rules for the weekend.
1. A PARENT must be present.  You must sign the releases allowing your child to participate.
2. Grandparents, Brothers, sisters, Aunts, Uncles, etc. DO NOT QUALIFY TO SIGN THESE PAPERS IN YOUR PLACE.  Even if you are onsite, the grandparents are not allowed to sign in your place.
3. In order for anyone but a parent to sign a minor in to ride, the parent must send a NOTARIZED LETTER authorizing another ADULT to sign the rider in and to make medical decisions on there behalf.  THE LETTER MUST BE NOTARIZED.  **Keep in Mind - Motorsports are inherently dangerous.  If you are sending your child with another person, it should be a person YOU are familiar with.  IF your child is injured this is the person who will be making decisions about YOUR CHILDS MEDICAL CARE.
4. YOU CANNOT SIGN THE PAPERS AND THEN LEAVE THE PREMISES.  You must remain onsite while your child is competing.  If you are not going to be staying you must provide a notarized letter, designating another adult to make decisions on your behalf to registration.  If you leave without providing the proper authorization to registration, the rider will not be allowed ride.
1. If your dog is tied out in your pit area it must be on a leash no longer than 8 feet.  
2. No dogs in kiddie land.
3. No dogs at Registration/concession area.
4. Please do NOT leave your pet in a car/truck where they will become overheated.
5. REMEMBER - You know your pet best.  At times the noise of the races, or heat, or crowds can make an animal feel anxious, uncomfortable, or irritable.  If you have a dog that has a history of being aggressive it is best for the animal to be left with a trusted friend or family member for the weekend.
Minor Participant Rules for 2021
Minors must have a signed release form from BOTH parents to participate. If only one parent can attend, you must have a notarized minor release form for the parent who will not be attending. ( If you follow the instructions below under section A – it will explain how to fill out the form so you only have to do this once each year!) If you have questions due to specific parenting situations, or if you are a legal guardian we recommend you contact us directly to ensure you have everything you need. The best way to contact us is through email – reads1@myfrontiermail.com. If you would prefer to talk with someone include your phone number and we will be happy to call you.
If Neither parent can attend with your child you must give your authorization in 2 ways. Not either or you must do both of the following
A. You must complete a Minor Release Form obtaining BOTH parents signatures, and HAVE IT NOTARIZED. Each parent may do their own individual form or complete a form together. You can obtain this form at the track or you can print it on your own. IT MUST BE PRINTED IN COLOR AND UNALTERED IN ANYWAY! YOU CAN NOT SHRINK IT, STRETCH IT, PRINT IT ALL IN BLACK. IT MUST BE EXACTLY AS VIEWED WITHOUT EXCEPTION.
1. At the top – Where it asks for Description and location of events. You need to put - “Reads Racing Unlimited Inc. Events at Hangtime MX Park or Trojan Raceway – Open Riding or Competition Racing – 1/1/2020 – 12/31/2020”
2. The minor must sign in the spots that ask for Minor Signatures. Young children that still have trouble writing need to do what they can.
3. Anywhere it asks for a date you need to put 1/1/2020 – 12/31/2020.
4. The parental Signatures must be notarized!
If you do this per the instructions above, we will only need ONE OF THESE FOR THE ENTIRE SEASON. If you only want to provide permission for one event, list the event date/s specifically and the track location.
B. Fill out the form letter and have it notarized EVERY TIME you are not attending with your child. "This form can be found in the "Frequently Asked Questions" tab in the menu, then under question 6.
Parental Consent, Release and Waiver of liability, Assumption of risk, and indemnity agreement & minors assumption of risk and release and waiver of liability.
2020 Reads Racings Riders of the Week
Daniel Starkey
Albion, Indiana
Full Screen Desktop Photo
Video posted on YouTube
Blaine Baney
Mentone, Indiana
Full Screen Desktop Photo
Video posted on YouTube
Jared Stambaugh
South Bend, Indiana
Full Screen Desktop Photo
Video posted on YouTube
Lex Locklin
Pierceton, Indiana
Full Screen Desktop Photo
Video posted on YouTube
Jeffrey Jakubowski
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Full Screen Desktop Photo
Video posted on YouTube
Camron Pressler
Columbia City, Indiana
Full Screen Desktop Photo
Video posted on YouTube
Brock Stiener
Crown Point, Indiana
Full Screen Desktop Photo
Video posted on YouTube
Cady Filluzzi
Columbia City, Indiana
Full Screen Desktop Photo
Video posted on YouTube
Austin Carter
Elkhart, Indiana
Full Screen Desktop Photo
Video posted on YouTube
Reads Racing's PAST Rider's of the Week - Media Galleries
Cellular Data Service at Trojan Raceway
Cellular Data Service at Trojan Raceway is not available at times making Credit Card processing difficult or unavailable. PLEASE BRING CASH.
Reads Racing's Parental Authorization Document for print
Minor Authorization form for parents who will be sending their Minor Rider with another Authorized Adult. "Click Here"
Reads Racing's Rider's of the Week
Review Reads Racing's PAST Rider's of the Week Media Galleries page.
Reads Racing Trophies and Awards
We offer a full line of Trophies and Awards at Low prices. Cups, Acrylics and Giftware available contact us for pricing.
Call us for pricing at: (574) 893-1649. - Learn More -
Call Before You Haul
On Race Days when weather could factor starting times or cancellations use these phone numbers below:
Trojan Raceway - (574) 527-0828
Hangtime MX Park - (574) 893-1649
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AMA Membership is required at ALL AMA EVENTS. Need to renew or join? Simply follow this link for quick and easy sign up, http://www.amajoin.com/REARAC. You can also sign up at the track!  Already a member? Please make sure to bring your card to sign up with you on AMA Sanctioned days, and include it on your entry form!


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